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A well-known Kyiv monument on the 0 euro banknote

After the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Vatican and many other important cultural and historical monuments in Europe, it was the time for the Golden Gate of Kyiv. This landmark was chosen as the first among Ukrainian cultural and historical monuments to be depicted on a souvenir euro banknote. But not just any banknote. It is interesting because it is part of a huge family of euro banknotes with zero. Nevertheless, it is made of 100% cotton paper, which is used in the production of real euro banknotes, and contains many security features such as watermark, microprint, counterprint, hologram, UV protection features, touch zone for the blind, dial, etc. Just like the real euro banknotes that are used every day in the EU.


The concept of a €0 souvenir banknote originated in France, where it was created in 2015 by Richard Feil. Since 2015, this concept has spread to countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and many others, where it has been a great success with the public and collectors. The basic philosophy is the support of tourism and the promotion of the most important cultural and historical monuments in Europe and assistance in the protection and financing of European cultural heritage.

Since the introduction of this concept, the issuance of €0 souvenir banknotes has spread across Europe at lightning speed, and in 2023 Ukraine joined them too. This is happening at a time when the European Commission recommended Ukraine to start negotiations on joining the European Union.

Thanks to its rich history, Ukraine has a lot to offer. The first Ukrainian souvenir banknote, the €0 banknote, which was issued in a limited edition of 5,000 pieces, features: The Golden Gate as the most famous monument of Kyiv and the Kyiv anthem (part of the text): "How can I not love you, my Kyiv!". The motif is complemented by the Kyiv coat of arms. Souvenir euro banknotes are made in purple, resemble €500 banknotes and have the size of a €20 banknote. You can find more information on the website of the initiator of the issue of Ukrainian souvenir euro banknotes 0: https://www.eurosouvenir.com.ua.

These banknotes are in great demand among visitors, collectors and numismatists, as well as among the general public, as evidenced by the great interest in this issue from abroad. Due to the limited, numbered and precisely catalogued editions, €0 commemorative banknotes have become the only souvenir, the price of which even increases over time for some issues. Some limited editions in Europe cost more than 100 euros once sold out.

The start of sales is planned from January 13, 2024. Souvenir banknotes with a nominal value of EUR 0 can be purchased in the souvenir shop at the entrance under the bell tower of the National Reserve "Sofia Kyiv" (Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street, 24) or ordered online on the official website on the page of Sofia Kyiv in the "Museum Shop" section: www.st-sophia.org.ua